Helping Purrs

Here at Purrfectbox, we love animals.

We think not only of those animals which have a family to take care of them, but also of those who have been less fortunate, who find themselves in shelters. Because we genuinely care about the future and wellbeing of these cats, Purrfectbox has has decided to financially contribute to the ongoing protection of animals. Would you like get involved in the protection of animals? Join us today!
croc blanc
The Association “Croc Blanc” protects abandoned animals by providing shelter to abandoned pets and also helps financially troubled pet parents to take good care of their pet. Our donation of € 400 for example supports the "Animo Resto" iniative of providing food donations.

Created in 2008, “Oscar et Pilitte”, the association to protect pets, aims to give shelter to abandoned dogs and cats and find them a new family. Our donation of € 400 enables them to overcome the expenses of the sheltering an abandoned animal and give all the care necessary for it to be in good shape!

The Association “Tends-Moi la Patte” protects and improves the lives of animals, finds good parents and fights against abandoning pets. Our donation of € 800 will be used to find host families where dogs and cats will be cared for.