What’s in the Christmas box?

This year, Santa’s sack is going to be busy ! Indeed, Purrfectbox has concocted a special Christmas box for your fur ball, containing 8 products (toys, treats, accessories…). Everything that you and your cat need to spend a wonderful Christmas with your family.


How does it work?

At affordable prices

8 Products (toys, treats, accessories…) for only £24.90 (+£5 shipping)!

Quality Products

We select the best products according
to the characteristics of your fur ball!


The packaged products have a value of over £50.

To Sum Up

This year, your pet will be able to participate the year-end holidays with the whole family!

8 products (worth over £50) for only £24.90 (+£5 shipping), a great surprise to make them happy and show them that you love them. Select the special Christmas offer as your next step and receive your box around the 15th December to the address that you have given us. Merry Christmas!

Already Subscribed? Do you have a lot of pets? Want to know more?...

The box contains a combination of some of the most appreciated products of our subscribers and can therefore be redundant to long-time Pawsomebox customers along with some hand picked Christmas themed products. Visit our dedicated FAQ page.