Purrfectbox May 2017

Make the best of the warm weather with a great selection of toys and treats from the Purrfectbox!
What could be better than a box full of goodies this May? The Purrfectbox has everything you need to enjoy the start of summer! 

HappyPet Candy Stripe Ball Cat Toy

This colourful toy is perfect for chase and play fun with your feline! 

Flamingo Miniz Chicken Cat Snacks

Small, crunchy, and rich in flavour - your cat will love them! 

Tyrol Insect Cat Nip Toy

A cat-nip filled toy for hours of fun!

Georplast UFO Interactive Cat Toy

A fun and interactive toy your feline will adore! 

Filous BBQ Duck Slices

A protein packed snack! 

Trixie ‘Grow Your Own’ Cat Grass

A natural supplement to support your cat's digestive health! 

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