Purrfectbox March 2017

Spring into action with the Purrfectbox!
Spring has come, and there's no better way to celebrat then with some tasty treats and fun toys from the Purrfectbox!

Camon Cat Litter Scoop

Your cat litter worries have been taken care of with the Camon Scooper! 

Happy Pet Little Rascals Cat Play Set

A cute companion for your feline! 

Tyrol Butterfly

A colourful butterfly toy your cat can chase for hours! 

4Cats Catnip Cushion

No cat can resist a cushion full of catnip! 

Filous Mini – Chicken’n Fish Cat Snacks

Perfect as a reward or as a tasty treat! 

Filous Steamed Mackerel

A healthy treat packed full of vitamins! 

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