The cat's the boss!

At Purrfectbox, we really love to go for long walks (or sometimes even jogging!) accompanied by the music we love playing in our ears. What could possibly make it better… oh yeah! Our beautiful loyal furry companions!
It’s time to reveal this month’s feline surprises – filled to the top with joy, games, discoveries… need the list go on?! With Purrfectbox, you will also be able to interact with our community on our Facebook page where you can learn many new things, you could check out our blog, or even send us lovely photos of your kitties so that we can share them on our Instagram… things are looking bright! We hope you enjoy our box and our concept, and we hope to see you again next month! Enjoy!

Animal Farm Cat Joy Treats

This month we’re including some delicious treats form Animal Farm, with th...

The Valerian Cuddle Knot by 4Cats

A pleasure for your cat, but less so for your nose!

Happy Pet Catnip Spray

The catnip spray from Happy Pet will instantly turn any item or surface into a m...

Bouncy Balls from Camon

These dual colour soft balls are excellent for your cats to keep their claws occ...

Trixie Premio Chicken Filet Bites

These snacks are purrrrrfect for in-between meals if your cat gets a bit peckish...

Tunnel from Good Girl

This tunnel from Good Girl will give your fur baby a fun safe haven that is sure...

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